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Friday, September 22, 2006 Review - Finally another Forex program...

It's about time I found another good trading program. After making alot of money with writing adds etc. trading is the system I'm going to use to make my big bucks.

It doesn't matter if you trade Forex, Futures, Stocks, Commodities or any market for that matter. This code that I am talking about will rock everything you have ever learned about trading!

* The whole method is fully disclosed. No monthly subscriptions!

* The method is simple to learn but it will suit traders with some experience.

* It can be adapted to suit any time frame and any market. You can use it for intraday trading with 5 - minute charts or you can position trade it with daily or weekly charts.

* The method is robust and logical - once you understand how everything works it will automatically make sense.

* Large moves are automatically captured with very little proportional risk.

* Even on 5 - minute charts there is no need to stay glued to the screen. Once your information has been gathered and the criteria met - you can set it and go.

It's all videos so you don't have to read, read and then read again... just watch the 30 videos in this program and you will learn how to make money trading.

Start making money trading now!


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  • This is VERY INTERESTING! I used to work in Futures and Options trading at Chicago Board of Trade. I'd observe the floor traders' lives and, in general, they looked miserable (even if they were doing well financially).

    I think their biggest challenge was sticking to their guns and pulling out or getting into the market at the right time. It appears that could be very helpful in that sense - whether it's a short- or long-term trade, decisions to pull out of the market are pre-calculated. This could save a lot of traders necks.

    We're all humans...sometimes when we lose money (whether it's in Vegas or in Forex), we deceive ourselves into thinking we can earn it back by staying in longer. The result? Oftentimes we go deeper into the whole.

    With that said, I must say that SF-trading site sounds brilliant and may someday give it a try.

    Thanks for the free blog review!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:49 PM  

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